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Escalante Enterprises 2nd Annual Rainy Day Bailout:
Give us your story, we’ll give you a roof

El Paso, TX —September 22, 2010. Escalante Enterprises of El Paso has chosen a Rainy Day Bailout winner. The winner, Guadalupe Villalba, age 60, was nominated by Millie Garcia, reverse mortgage consultant for Metlife.

This is the second year Escalante Enterprises hosted the Rainy Day Bailout (RDB) charity. Contestants were asked to write a letter explaining the personal or financial hardships that have kept them from making vital improvements to their home.

Escalante Enterprises had anticipated announcing the winner by September 8, 2010. But the choosing process, was a “lot of work,” claims Johnny Escalante, Sales and Marketing Director. The company received numerous letters, and although this is RDB’s second year, it was not much easier to choose a winner. “The stories were twice as touching, and we all had our hearts set on a couple of different families…in the end we all agreed to help a family who needed a new roof in order to keep their home,” stated Escalante.

Bailout winner, Guadalupe Villalba, age 60, is on the verge of foreclosure. She inherited a home from her mother who had failed to pay property taxes. Mrs. Villalba has exhausted all efforts to save the house including an attempt to seek a reverse mortgage to pay off the lien that has been placed on her property.

According to Millie Garcia, because the roof is in such poor condition, it does not currently meet the HUD guidelines needed to deem the house as “fair condition.” “The problem is, they do not have the money to fix it…if they do not bring the home up to HUD guidelines, the family will be displaced if the home is foreclosed,” stated Millie Garcia.

RDB winner, Ms. Villalba was contacted today about the big news. “I have wanted to fix my roof for so long, but I haven’t been able to,” stated Villalba on the brink of tears. “This is such a blessing, I have so many problems; I am so thankful and happy!” she cried.

“We are so elated about the good news,” stated Garcia, “I couldn’t sleep at night thinking that they would lose their home.” “This is going to help them… I will do whatever I have to do to get them their loan.”

For further questions please contact Johnny Escalante, Sales and Marketing Director, (915) 920-9180 or Jessica Escalante, Project Coordinator, (915) 630-7880.

Escalante Enterprises of El Paso is a locally owned roofing company. In business for over 25 years, the roofing contractor specializes in residential and commercial roofing.

“We know there are bigger issues in the city, but we are taking care of the issues we know,” stated Johnny Escalante, Sales and Marketing Director.